About The Author

KC Walker does her best to avoid meaningful employment. This often conflicts with her desire for the finer things in life, such as food and shelter. Writing novels seemed to be an acceptable compromise, since making up stories can hardly be called work.

One day, KC took a look at her rescue dog Kit and thought, “Why isn’t this freeloader contributing to the household coffers?” Soon, the idea of a snarky yet (hopefully) lovable stuntwoman named Whit and her tiny demon dog came to mind and the first story began to form.

KC and Kit live in Southern California where they enjoy long walks, snacks, and making new friends.

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About The Book

Whitley “Whit” Leland is an out-of-work stuntwoman with an attitude. Stuck in a sleepy mountain village with her wannabe PI grandmother, Bobbie, she’s content to spend her time eating flaky pastries, mixing cocktails, and chasing after her wayward rescue dog.

She also needs to keep her grandmother out of trouble, which is harder than she expects. Between rehearsals with the Ukulele Ladies, Bobbie investigates a series of seemingly unrelated accidents targeting local musicians. Whit enjoys teasing Bobbie about her true crime obsession–after all, who would go to such lengths just to win a small-town music competition?

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