About the MuseCharmer Network

Go beyond the nuts and bolts and tap into your creative soul

The MuseCharmer network provides shows for the storytellers and the seekers.
Go beyond the “how to” and the “shoulds” to discover how to revel in your inner storyteller.
Get inspired. Go deep. And charm your muse.

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Our Founder

MuseCharmer Network was founded by Kit Caelsto, owner of Epona Author Solutions, as a way to bring together the podcasts they produce and provide a home for other podcasts. Kit’s unique blend of technology know-how and interest in creativity and spiritual endeavors has led to the unique blend of shows on the MuseCharmer Network. Kit has been a published author for more than two decades and an editor for at least one of those. They have written in multiple fiction genres including romance, fantasy, science fiction, and young adult. They host and produce several podcasts. Currently they live in the Ozarks on a homestead with a varied menagerie of animals, both farm animals and pets, as well as a spouse. 

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