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We are looking for new podcasters, streamers, and video producers to join

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monthly, occasionally — and keep full control. By joining us, we’ll

distribute your show to our audiences.

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    We’ll review your form information, and if you currently have a podcast check out the website, social media, and probably listen to a couple of episodes to see if it’s a good fit for our network. We’ll then reach out with our decision or ask for more information.

    Note: Filling out this form does not create any agreement with MuseCharmer Network and you are not obligated to enter into any agreement.


    You got questions? We have answers!

    What type of show works best on MuseCharmer Network?

    Our network’s primary focus is on writing and publishing, and especially being an author today who isn’t afraid to blaze your own trail. Being a storyteller often intersects with the spiritual however you define it and a dash of wellness. So think of us as a venn diagram with a large circle of writing and publishing overlapping two smaller circles of creating your authentic self and spirituality.

    If your show talks about any or all of those things, we’d love to have you! And if you just geek out over some trope or show you love, well that works too.

    Do you charge to host a show?

    We will charge to host or distribute a show. Final pricing will be discussed after you complete the interest form on this page and tell us about your show. The cost depends on show frequency and resource damands, but I’ve detailed anĀ estimate of what you can expect for both audio podcasts and video shows. All hosted shows will be promoted on our network, though we ask that hosts promote their own shows as well. When we all work together, we all thrive!

    For an audio-only podcast

    An average podcast (30-60 min) usually starts at $15/mo for a weekly show with one new episode a week. This includes file hosting, distribution to as many podcast outlets as possible, inclusion in our main show feed, AND when we have enough new episodes to support it (probably 10-15 new episodes a week), inclusion in an internet radio station.

    For a video show

    Video shows will include sharing the video out to our platforms, uploading to streaming networks to “schedule” shows where possible, and reduction of the audio from the video so that it can ALSO be distributed like a podcast (see the show for an example of this) to our main show feed and on its own to all podcast outlets as possible. AND once we have enough shows to support it, the audio will go to the “internet radio station” to play in rotation AND we’ll be getting apps (Roku, FireTV, etc.) when we have enough shows to support it. The price will vary depending on frequency, length, and resources required.

    What sort of promotion can I expect?

    We will share all new episodes to our social media platforms. Additionally, we’ll schedule at least two ads a week in general promoting your show/recent episodes. We have a newsletter where listeners can sign up to get information about weekly shows right in their inbox, and listeners can also get text notifications of shows as well.

    It is still recommended that you promote your show through your own social media outlets.

    Note: We are not on X/Twitter due to the type of content that is promoted there and we do not promote our network on Twitter. You are welcome to promote to your own feed, if you wish.

    Can you help me produce a show?

    Quite possibly! Let us know what you need help with and we’ll discuss.

    Do you do any post-production work on shows?

    We prefer a complete, edited show, so as a general rule we won’t do any post-production on the shows we receive.

    I'm an amateur. Is it okay if my shows sound a bit "homemade?"

    First off, I’d ask if you’d heard any of my shows lately. (HAHA!) Though seriously, it’s okay. I know my dream recording space is a long ways off, and it’s okay if yours is too. You probably know what you need to work on and perhaps if we put our heads together, we can maybe help clean it up a little. Or, people will be fine with a home mix.

    As a general rule a good microphone (blue tooth earbuds at the very least, preferably something wired) and being in a quiet environment will do wonders.

    What if I have more questions?

    If you have a show or an idea in mind, it’s best if you reach out through the form on this page so I can answer specifically to your show. Otherwise, click the contact link above and reach out.