Upcoming Show Themes/Topics

¬†From time to time we’ll have specific themes or topics we’re seeking to discuss on our shows. This list will be periodically updated with that information.

Write Talk Wednesday
January = finding joy in your writing
February = finding comfort in your writing (cozy stories/comfort stories)
March = writing action, danger, and excitement

Be Our Guest

We’re always looking for new and interesting people to interview on our shows. We’re especially looking to interview authors or those at the intersection of spirituality and writing. If you’d like to share your work with our intersectional audience, we’d love to hear from you.

Most interviews are done over Zoom. If you’re not comfortable being on video that’s okay. Just keep your camera off while we talk, or let me know and I won’t put up the “video” version of the podcast for audio-based shows. Most shows are prerecorded so there’s plenty of time to edit and adjust. Note: Write Talk Wednesday is filmed live during the stream so there’s no “backsies” as it will go out immediately.

If you have any questions, please use the contact page to ask, or include them in the form.

Our Shows

The Chicken Yogi Show – At the intersection of neurodivergence, spirituality, and authentic living there’s a chicken…who does yoga. And we ask, what does it mean? This show is for those whose minds work differently from others and who want to embrace liberation through the lens of disability and neurodivergent justice and yoga philosophy.

The Holistic Author Show – There are a lot of people looking to sell you a lot of snake oil when it comes to being a published author in today’s market. Learn how to thrive as an author, avoid burnout, and make writing your “happy place” by getting off the hustle bus and supporting your creative nervous system.

Write Talk Wednesday – This LIVE show is all about being an author. Whether it’s an interview with an author, support for NaNoWriMo, or a presentation about some aspect of writing, join us. You never know what we might be talking about or what will happen.

    What show would you like to guest on?