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The Chicken Yogi Show shares spiritual wisdom to help neurodivergent people find liberation and radical self-love and acceptance. Do you remember who you were before the world told you who you couldn’t be? The host, Kit Caelsto, is a trauma-informed spiritual mentor working through a liberation lens including yoga philosophy and spirituality to help you drop the masks and be your authentic self.

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An Overview of Spirituality and Neurodivergent Burnout

An Overview of Spirituality and Neurodivergent Burnout

How does spirituality help keep burnout, especially neurodivergent burnout, in remission? And what are the three D's of burnout and how can spirituality help them? Learn how dissonance, demands, and disconnection lead to burnout and the ways in which spirituality can...

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Kit Caelsto

Author & Technologist/Mentor/Coach
Kit is a multi-genre published author with over two decades of experience. They are the driving force behind Epona Author Solutions, Epona Muse Publishing & MuseCharmer Network. They're passionate about creativity & publishing and share this through their podcasts.