CW: This week’s episode begins our discussion of the Dark Night of the Soul which may include talk about difficult emotions, feelings, thoughts, and what is commonly thought of as mental health.

As I alluded to in last week’s transition episode, my focus is less on wellness and yoga as a wellness therapy and more on the liberatory aspects of yoga and yoga philosophy. This ties into my work as a grad student as well as better encompasses my unease with the current psychology/mental health/wellness paradigm. Something I believe many neurodivergent people deal with is the dark night of the soul. To reassure you, it’s not tied to any specific theology, religion, or religious philosophy. In general it means a difficult period in one’s life. Related to my work, it’s a crisis of faith, a period in your life when you feel unmoored, without direction, and uncertain of yourself.

In this episode I talk about how it connects to neurodivergence, why we feel it differently, and why it’s important that we recognize it so we can find mentors to guide us through. I also discuss why I prefer the term remission to heal/cure when it comes to dealing with dark nights of the soul.

Are you ready to dive in? I hope this episode provides information, understanding, and perhaps a little peace.

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