About The Author

Dharma Kelleher writes gritty crime thrillers about queer women who kick ass. With more than a dozen published titles, she is the most prolific transgender author in the genre and a fearless trailblazer at a time when her community is fighting not just for representation, but for their very survival.

Her groundbreaking stories entertain readers with action-packed stories and a diverse cast of multidimensional characters, while exploring themes of justice, trauma, community, and moral conflict in a world that favors the privileged.

She lives in Arizona with her wife and a black cat named Mouse.

Learn more about Dharma and her work at https://dharmakelleher.com.

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TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@dharma_kelleher

About the Book

Avery Byrne, a young spirited transgender tattoo artist, refuses to turn a blind eye following a series of attacks on her community. Convinced that these seemingly isolated incidents are linked, her determination only intensifies when a young trans girl vanishes. The police dismiss the disappearance as a typical runaway case, but Avery senses a darker truth.

Fueled by a blend of intuition and street smarts, Avery dives headfirst into an investigation that pulls her into the depths of Phoenix’s underbelly. With the support of her girlfriend, a savvy owner of a spy gear shop, they navigate a maze of danger and deception, racing against time to rescue the missing girl. But with each step forward, the stakes skyrocket.

Even if they find the girl, will she still be alive?

A Plague of Grackles is a gripping tale of courage, justice, and the unyielding pursuit of truth. Dharma Kelleher delivers a heart-pounding crime thriller that explores the depths of community, the pain of betrayal, and the resilience of those fighting on the fringes of society.

Releases June 4, 2004. Pre-order from your favorite ebook retailer today.