Air Date: 12/13/2023 | Episode 10

About the Author

TJ Radcliffe is a poet, engineer, actor, businessperson, writer, and scientist who lives in the Gulf Islands off Canada’s west coast with his wife and a couple of cats. A sailor between boats, he kayaks and hikes, and is involved in community theatre. His writing is focused on novels in formal verse. | Author Website | Facebook | Mastodon | Amazon | LinkedIn | Substack

About the Book

King Arthur’s famously courteous nephew Sir Gawain just wants a little respect from the rough, tough, and coarse knights of the Round Table, so when the Green Knight barges in to Christmas celebrations at Camelot and challenges a bizarre “beheading contest”, Gawain sees his chance to make a name for himself as a fighter and champion, not just a courteous courtier. But magic is loose in King Arthur’s England, and before he knows it Gawain’s life, honour, and soul are on the line, with nothing but his courage and a wild boar between him and disaster!